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Fabric Flame Retardant FR-200

Flame Retardant FR-200

flame retardant FR-200 is a water-soluble, nitrogen-phosphorus-based flame retardant
additive for cellulosic and other textiles. It is compatible with a wide range of polymer
dispersions, fluorocarbons and silicones and is suitable for a variety of combined
finishes on textiles.

flame retardant FR-200 may be applied by brushing, dipping, padding or spraying. The
recommended method of application is padding. Drying may be carried out at normal
drying temperatures but drying conditions should always be checked experimentally.
When flame retardant FR- 200 is used with polymer dispersions, fluorocarbons and
silicones, the components should be diluted with water before mixing to reduce the
possibility of adverse reactions. Flame retardant FR-200 will withstand the curing
temperatures required for combined finishes and minimal fabric strength loss.

Typical Properties
Appearance:Clear, pale straw-colored liquid
Density, g/cc:1.20
Solid content, w/w, %:30
Solubility: miscible with water

Usage Level
Fabric should be clean and absorbent. Dirt, size, natural waxes or applied finishes will
prevent efficient absorption and may impair final fabric properties. Loadings depend on
the fabric and the test method applied to the treated fabric. The following values are
typical, but a small-scale laboratory test should be conducted before commencing large
scale treatment.

Fabric % Dry Add-on
Cotton:8- 16
Cotton/Polyester 70/30:10 - 16
Polyester:13 -16
Hessian:13 - 16
Rayon:13 -16
Flame retardant FR-200 is not fast to washing or water and the treatment must not be
renewed after laundering the fabric. Flame retardant FR-200 treatment will withstand dry
cleaning, e.g. the performance of a variety of treated fabrics is not affected by 12
commercial dry-cleaning cycles based on perchloroethylene. However, any aqueous
additives or use of "charged" dry cleaning systems must be avoided.

Combined Finishes
Flame retardant FR-200 is compatible with a wide range of polyvinylacrylate dispersions
suitable for use in single-bath systems for resin-bonded, non-woven fabrics based on
rayon staple. Flame retardant FR-200 is also compatible with a number of phenolic,
PVDC and PVC copolymer dispersions. In addition, stable single-bath systems can be
formed from both fluorocarbons and silicones with flame retardant FR-200 to produce
combined flame-retardant water-repellent finishes for high-humidity environments.

Container Information
Available in 250 kg drums and 1250 kg I.B containers

Shipping Classification Tariff number: HS No. 380991000

Safety and Handling Information
Flame retardant 200 should be stored in sealed containers away from strong alkalis and
at temperatures below 5 °C to prevent crystallization. Crystals may be dissolved by
heating (not above 30 °C) or by dilution with water. For specific safety, toxicity and
handling information, please refer to the material safety data sheet for this product.

The above information is just for reference. Customers shall adjust the formulations
according to actual requirements.