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Cotton Fabric Flame Retardant CP

Cotton Fabric Flame Retardant CP

Chemical Name:Thrihydroxymethyl Azye-3-Oxopropylphosphonate

Physical  and  Chemical properties:
This product is colorless or light yellow viscous liquid and light piquancy. It is organic phosphoesterseries flame retardant with both phosphor and nitrogen flame retarding elements. Because of the cross link of active N-methylol and fabric, the flame retarding is permanent. It can get new textile product with flame retarding and water-proof or oil-proof and multi-functional when used with other addictives. It is one of the most representative products in its series.
It can be mixed with water by any proportion, and it is slight cationic in acidic condition. The impact of color and density to most dye material is light, nearly nontoxic.
This product is 80% water solution,easy to use and good flame retarding effect on cotton fabric. Strong washability and comfortable hand feeling.

Product Features:
1. Good flame retarding effect on cotton fabric.
No continued burning or smolder occurs after flame retardant treatment. It can reach higher than GB5455-85 B2 grade. Tested by consumer, it can reach UK BS3210. TY-2500-0009, DOCFF3071 standard.
2. Strong washability. No change on flame retarding effect even after 30-50 times washing.
3. Good intermiscibilitywith other additives.
4. Easy to confect.
5. Can be used on common machines, no need for any special machine.