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Fabric Flame Retardant CGN

Textile Flame Retardant CGN


Main Ingredients:

Amidine Phosphate Ammonia

Appearance  :

Light white clear liquid

PH    :

3- 3.5

Specific Gravity (20℃)

1.22- 1.24g/cm3

Solubility :

Dissolved in any volume of cold water,

Non durability flame retarding effect on cellulosic fibre, wool fiber, adhesive fiber, synthetic fibre woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric. Semi Durability flame retarding effect on all kinds of blend fabric.Good compatibility with adhesive but need trial test before producing. This product is hydrophilic, and can easily percolate through the fabric. The treatment will get the fabric soft and comfortable handle feeling. It not only can be finished in common padding method, but also can be finished by spray or dipping method.(especially suitable for the inner decorative fabric which was wahsed or dry cleaned.)Normally, it corrodes the fabric during or after the treatment. Even in the worst weather condition, it hardly crystallizes on the fabric.


This product endures dry cleaning with insoluble soap lotion, and can be semi durability flame retarding. It does not endure permanent washing. The finished product should avoid to contact the high temperature continually because CGN can cause chemical splitting decomposition. Slightly color change, but a trial test is requested before mass producing. The fabric treated with CGN will not be piquant to skin, while blenched fabric must finish antichlorination before treated by this product.

Processing Technique:
This product is diluted and dissolved in any volume of cold water, which means it can be used directly in room temperature. Adding some necessary surface active agent can insure the infiltrate into fabric. The normal drying temperature is 100-130℃.

Formula and Application:
Cellulosic Fibre(Inspected by vertical hemline burning test)
300-450g/L   CGN (Net weight increment  10-14%)   Rolling over rate:  70-100%
Wool fabric:Low gram weight fabric        230-270g/L   CGN
High gram weight fabric        200-250g/L    CGN
Net weight increment  8-12%
Car inner decorative fabric (Inspected by MVSS302 horizontal buring test)
Cellulosic fibre            200-300g/L
Synthetic fiber            Suggest to get the data from own testing.
Dipping Method(Curtain fabric aftertreatment)
300-500g/L       CGN(Calculated by fabric net weight)
Or     400-500g/L        CGN(Calculated by fabric wet weight:approx 50%p.u.)
Final liquid content is 60-70% that to avoid the wastage of flame retardant on fabric. Drying during 100-130℃or airing. The highest temperature for drying is 150℃.