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Nylon Fiber FR ZT-200S

Flame Retardant ZT-200S for Nylon Fiber



White Powder

Effective  Content:


Nitrogen Content:



Easily dissolved in water, ethanol, acetone

PH1% water solution:


1. Prominent flame retarding effect.
2. No impact to color and dye material.
3. No impact to hand feeling, and can be used together with water-proof additives.
No yellowing caused by UV.
No impact to color fastness or applicability of water-proof additives.
Its water-solubility can be suitable for conventional technique and equipments.
Good thermostability
Applicative Fiber
Nylon, wool fiber, etc.
Makeup of Flame Retardant Liquid
ZT-200S: 100-150,Chloride amine: 5-8,Softener:  20-30, Penetrant JFC: 3-5 into 1L solution。It can be adjusted according to the fabric variety, density, thickness and practical situation.
ZT-200S on basis of resin for coating,the standard dosage is 15~20% (% to the resin weight)。
Recommended Technique
Pre-condition of Nylon Fabric:no swelling treatment on fabric, put it into reaction kettle which is provided with condenser, thermometer and  nitrogen blanketing valve. Add high concentration formaldehyde solution(36%) and inorganic acid to adjust PH value to 0.9-1.0. Reaction temperature:70-80℃, Reaction time: 1-2 hours. Wash it till the Schiff's reagent does not appear any color.
(1) Padding Baking Method:The technique is padding (rolling over rate 65-70%)—pre-drying(100-120℃)—baking(150-170℃3minutes)——aftertreatment(wash——drying, etc.)
(2) Coating Method:ZT-200S confects into latex with acrylate or PU, and then treat it in rolling coating or blade coating method.
160~165 ℃× 40~60 M/minute drying,rolling pressure 3KG/cm2 can be avalable for flame retardant treatment。
The practical method should be according to fabric variety and flame retarding request and should be confirmed by testing.