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ZT-6007 for PBT with fiber

Halogen-Free Flame Retardant ZT-6007 for PBT with fiber

Halogen-Free Flame Retardant ZT-6007 for PBT with fiber

Principal Ingredient:Compound of Organic Aluminum Phosphateand Nitrogen series Flame Retardant.
Character:WhitePowder, Nontoxic, Odourless, Slightly soluble in water.

Quality Specification:


White Powder

Phosphorus Content



Nitrogen Content






Volatile Content



Grain Diameter (D90max)



Decomposition Temperature(TG)


Physical Property:
Organic Aluminum Phosphateis slightly soluble in water and a new type of flame retardant.It has good thermal stability to avoid polymer decomposition and interfering moulded plastic composition in manufacturing. And in common condition, it does not volatilize in preparation and manufacture of thermoplastic polymer, which makes the products with good thermal stability, mechanical property in producing and good weather resistance.The polymer compound containing organic aluminum phosphate is in a high level of flame retarding. By Standard of UL94, thickness 0.8mm, the flame retarding level is VO. And by IEC61335-1, temperature 775℃, the thickness>1mmpassed GWIT test.

This product is especially suitable for glass fiber reinforcedpolyester, such asPBT, PET etc.It can keep high thermal stability, mechanical property, good weather resistance and electical property in production. And it also has excellent flame retardant property.
When glass fiber content is 30%, the dosage of ZT-6007 is 20% and it can reach 1.6mmVO grade.