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Textiles FR

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Non durable, high concentrated halogen free,heavy metal-free FR, Proven to be very efficient on non woven made of PES, PP and celluloses and their blends. For various FR standards like EN597, TB1633 (California, mattress ticking), FMVSS302 (automotives)…


Area of use


. Flame retardant for textiles, and all kind of natural and synthetic fiber products like paper, wood, pp,…

. As FR additive in most water based binders (compatibility must be checked before use). Product needs to be neutralized before adding the binder…




. Halogen free

. Very efficient on non woven made of PES, PP and celluloses

. Application of the product has nearly no effect on the colour of the fabric, as long as it is dried below 150°C.


Physical and chemical properties

Appearance            clear or light color liquid

Active content           48 – 52 %

Viscosity               Water liquid

Chemical comp.        phosphor and nitrogen containing

pH                    6.0 – 8.5

Halogens              No

Solubility (water)        Yes

Ionicity                Non ionic


Application data

Type of machine       Padding or spray at room temperature

Drying conditions      100 – 150 °C

Drying time           Till it is completely dry

Curing time           Not required

Add-on weight        5-25% of the substrate weight, depending on the type, composition and density of the substrate and the required flame retardant standard.



Standard Packaging  

Drums 60L, 120L, IBC containers 1000L, Bulk delivery


Safety, toxicology & transport

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet of this product


Shelf life and storage

Product must be stored in the original drums or containers, protected from sunlight, under cool (below 30°C) but frost-free conditions. When stored in tanks, proper storage conditions must be maintained. After a period of storage, stirring may be recommended

Shelf life: 6 months.