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Phosphorus-nitrogel FR

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ZT-223A for Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Halogen Free Flame Retardant for Epoxy Resin Adhesive (ZT-223A)


Halogen free flame retardant for epoxy resin adhesive is a kind of environmental friendly and intumescent flame retardant with the major flame retardant elements N and P, compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations. This product has good dispersibility and stability as well as excellent flame retardancy in epoxy resin adhesive, can meet the requirements of halogen free, low smoke and non-toxic in the flame retardant materials, and is an excellent flame retardant to be suitable for epoxy resin adhesive.

Physical and Chemical Properties




White powder









Compliance with ROHS and REACH regulations


Recommend adding 15-20% in epoxy resin adhesive systems to get nice flame retardancy.

Attention Concerned

(1) The adding amount can be adjusted according to the content of solid and the thickness of the product.

(2) Stir well before use if the sedimentation appears in the epoxy resin adhesive system after adding flame retardant and settle for a long time.

Storage and Packing

Keep in dry, room temperature and moisture proof condition, preventing heat. Net weight 25kg/bag, Compound paper-plastic bag and inner aluminum foil.