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Phosphorus-nitrogel FR

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ZT-202F for PA66

Halogen-free Flame Retardants for Glass-fiber Reinforced PA66 (ZT-202F)


ZT-202F is a kind of halogen-free flame retardant with the major flame retardant elements N and P, completely compliance with RoHs and REACH regulations. ZT-202F has excellent compatibility in PA66 and can be well dispersed in PA66 resin, to make the glass-fiber reinforced PA66 reach UL 94V-0, high cost performance, excellent flame retardancy. The mechanical properties of PA66 with ZT-202F have no significant difference compared to that of PA66 with Bromine-Antimony but a better electrical performance.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Item Index Item Index
Appearance White powder Environmental requirements Compliance with RoHS
and REACH Regulations
Nitrogen content ≥35% Phosphorous content ≥11%
Moisture ≤0.5%


Loading 19%~21% 23%~25%
UL 94 V-0 (3.2mm) V-0 (1.6mm)

Storage and Attention

Keep in dry, room temperature and moisture proof condition, preventing heat.

Net weight 25kg/bag, Compound paper-plastic bag and inner aluminum foil.

Application Manual

1.Typical formula

Formula adding ZT-202F

Formula adding BPS /ATO

PA66, %

46 44

Glass fiber, %

30 30

Flame retardant, %

24 26

2.Test Result

Item Testing standards Formula adding Formula adding
Flame retardancy (1.6mm) UL94 V-0 V-0
GWFI (960℃) GB/T 5619.10-2006 Pass Pass
Tensile strength, MPa GB/T 1040.5-2008 150 144
Flexural strength, MPa GB/T 9341-2008 190 172
Notched impact strength, kJ/m2 GB/T 1043.1-2008 8.9 10
Un-notched impact strength, kJ/m2 36.3 39.5
Electrical property (CTI),V GB/T 4207-2003 325 <200


1)The flame retardancy of glass-fiber reinforced PA66 can reach UL 94 (1.6mm )V-0 when adding 24% of ZT-202F.

2)The comprehensive properties of the glass-fiber reinforced PA66 with ZT-202F are excellent, some properties are superior to that of PA66 with bromine-antimony.

3)ZT-202F could completely substitute bromine-antimony flame retardants in glass-fiber reinforced PA66.

4.Attention Concerned

(1)Control the temperature of extrusion and injection below 280℃; Using weaker shear screw combination, and the processing conditions should be in vacuum.

(2)Never contact with any strong oxidizing substances (such as antimony trioxide), otherwise causing the product discoloration.