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Phosphorus-nitrogel FR

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ZT-202A For PBT


Halogen-free flame retardant

For Glass fiber reinforced PBT


ZT-202A is a kind of Phosphorous and Nitrogen contained environment-friendly flame retardant for glass fiber reinforced PBT, completely compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations, to reach UL94 V-0 in flame retardancy glass fiber reinforced PBT, no migration, no precipitation, excellent compatibility and even dispersion in PBT.

The properties of PBT have no significant difference between the formula of ZT-202A and Bromine-Antimony compounding, with so many features of halogen-free, environment-friendly, nice flame retardancy, cost-effective, excellent water resistance, ZT-202A is an ideal substitute of Bromine/Antimony in PBT.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance White powder
Phosphorous content % ≥26
Nitrogen content  % ≥12
Whiteness % ≥94
Moisture % ≤0.3
Compliance with RoHS, REACH Regulation


Loading 14%~16%
UL94 V-0(1.6mm)

Storage and Attention

Keep in dry, room temperature and moisture proof condition, preventing the heating.


Net weight 25kg/bag, Compound paper-plastic bag and inner aluminum foil